Raymond E. Warrick Jr.


 Raymond E. Warrick Jr.


Phone: (513) 218-0937









  1. Secure the Township’s release from fiscal emergency status
  2. Establish and normalize the Fiscal Officer office functions, duties and responsibilities so that the transition to the next Fiscal Officer will be seamless
  3. Institute transparency in the reporting of financial results, decisions and actions
  4. Secure certification to enhance the Township’s investment ability
  5. Investigate and report on the Township’s non enforcement of the TIF service agreement with Walmart resulting in uncollected revenue
  6. Support the renewal of the 1 mil Police levy
  7. Close the current TIF fund and release the money to maintain the roads
  8. Lower taxes on the citizens by eliminating a 1 mil Fire levy  that is not needed
  9. Lower Township health insurance costs by selecting a plan that is in line with private sector health insurance plans
  10. Propose raises for the non bargaining unit Township employees in good standing who have been without increases for many years


Update from State Auditor’s Office on Fraud Reporting:

Pursuant to Ohio Revised Code Section 117.103 requires all public employers to notify employees of the methods of reporting fraud, including doing so anonymously. Tips or complaints of fraud in Ohio’s governments may be made at any time by any public employee or private citizen. Fraud may be reported by using the Auditor of State’s website, U.S. Mail, the Auditor of State’s Fraud Hotline, and the Ohio Stops Fraud iPhone app.

U.S. Mail                                             or                     Call the Fraud Hotline

Ohio Auditor of State’s Office                                    1-866-FRAUD OH (1-866-372-8364) Special Investigations Unit 88 East Broad Street P.O. Box 1140 Columbus, OH 43215

Also established in ORC §117.103 is a public log of fraud reports, which includes the date of the report, the entity complained of, the nature of the complaint and the status of the review of the complaint.